Scott did this.

I'm sorry in advance.

A new Charlie Paris cover! Now with tweens in prison!  ….Space Prison!
The first in a series of covers for Charlie Paris. A 12 yr old Charlie accidentally becomes Earth’s ambassador in the galactic council. Hijinks ensue.
Monster Hunters book 3:Taming Tahoe Tessie for Abdo/Magic Wagon
Monster Hunters book 2: Chasing the Chupacabra for Abdo/Magic Wagon
Monster Hunters: Searching for Skunk Ape  for Abdo/Magic Wagon Publishing. 

studio blog: Notes: October 31, 2013


To keep with the spirit of Halloween, I’ve been thinking a lot about the difference between strange and uncanny in art, lately.

Salvador Dali

"Strangeness" is a condition often marked by clarity; something that is more or less obviously unusual. Dali and the Surrealists were strange. "Uncanniness," on…

Month of Fear- Zemmiphobia: Fear of the great mole rat.
Month of Fear week 3- My Favorite Horror Story (Pig Blood Blues by Clive Barker)

So here is where I’ll be setting up camp at New York Comic Con. Come on by and say hello. Table Z20. I’ll be sharing a table with my buddy Tim Paul

I’ll have a buttload more copies of A Brain is for Eating, posters, postcards, and I’ll be drawing nonsense on demand the whole time.

Here’s something I’ve been working on between projects, trying to hit a higher level of finish, and drama. You know, shit that looks good on book covers or something. And I really like tentacles.